Tattoos with Passion and Love.

Welcome to Diego Tattoo Gallery

Whether it’s your first time in a tattoo shop, or you are a seasoned collector, Diego Tattoo Gallery is for you!

Our artists utilize cutting-edge styles and techniques to ensure that you go home with a unique and beautiful adornment. There is no tattoo too large or too small, or too strange for that matter. In fact, bring us your craziest ideas! Our shop is a laid back environment with an arcade and plenty of eclectic art to look at.

We look forward to collaborating with our clients to create true self expression. Please check out our artists’ work and send us a message with your ideas. We look forward to talking, laughing, and creating with you!

The Diego Tattoo Gallery Vision

“To aid our clients in true self-expression by creating custom art unique to each individual, in a safe and comfortable environment.”

Cari Coleman and Diana DeAugustine have been tattooing in San Diego since the early 2000s. While styles and stories may be unique, the two are unified in their commitment to bringing Southern California the best tattoo experience around. It’s taken years of hard work, creativity and the building of meaningful relationships with clients and artists from around the world, but Diego Tattoo Gallery has become a top tattoo shop in San Diego for all the right reasons.

Artists are dedicated to understanding client needs and work to translate dreams into realities. Though the process may only require a few tattoo sessions, the art is something that will last a lifetime. No matter how many pieces the team may have done, you can rest assured your piece will be crafted with the utmost care, consideration, and professionalism. Pair that with an array of different tattoo styles, backgrounds and portfolios and you’re sure to find just the right artist for your piece. Moreover, you’ll be pleased to find that, in time, your artist may actually become a friend.

It’s all part of Diego Tattoo Gallery’s dedication to community. From proceeds to fundraisers, the shop and its team intend not only to give back to neighbors but the global community as well. All the more reason the shop has legacy artists and some rotating chairs. This not only fuels the culture of the shop but expands shop specialties but delivers fresh character and amazing work for every customer.

Everything boils down to an award-winning, review-raving, relationship-building tattoo experience that you’ll love from the start.

Our Shop Offers High Quality, Custom Tattoos. 

You can expect guidance through the entire tattoo process. From reviewing portfolios, exploring custom flash art, consultation on sizing, location, healing and tattoo aftercare, our artists do it all.

At this time, Diego Tattoo Gallery does not offer body piercing services, through its network of professionals and artists can certainly recommend you to talented peers in nearby shops.

Walk-Ins: aka "I wanna tattoo right meow!"

Diego Tattoo is happy to accommodate tattoos on either a walk-in or an appointment basis. Walk-ins are typically small tattoos (under 5 inches) that can be drawn and completed on the spot. Larger pieces such as half-sleeves, back pieces, etc require far more preparation and therefore an appointment. Please call ahead to see if a walk-in is best for your tattoo idea.
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