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Demi Flores - tattoo artist

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Get to Know Demi:

What made you want to be a tattoo artist?

I wanted to be a tattoo artist since I was a little kid. I thought it was so cool seeing people with tattoos and I knew I wanted a bunch when I was older. I started watching shows about tattoo artists and just loved it. Growing up I found other girl tattoo artists on Instagram that became my main influence of pursuing it.

What’s your background?

Right after high School I went to art school for a couple years and didn’t think I was going anywhere and thought I was wasting my time because I already knew I wanted to be a tattoo artist. So, I asked my tattoo artist that did one of my small pieces if she was looking for an apprentice and it worked out. I stayed at the shop for about 3 years and finally moved on to my current shop.

What styles do you specialize in or prefer to work on?

I prefer to do kawaii or anime pieces.  Especially any Disney inspired pieces as well. Anything colorful.

I would love to eventually get to a point in my career to guest spot around the country and to other countries and travel with my work.

Are there any requests that you turn down?

I don’t do any “realistic” tattoo designs. I just don’t think they’re very fun to do.

How do you work with your clients?

Usually most of my clients get my flash pieces but I also take requests and I’m lucky my clients usually let me add whatever I think would be cute. I’m given a lot of artistic freedom which is cool.

Who is your ideal client?

My ideal client would be anyone that can sit for a long time and that are just genuinely nice, that’s all I ask for – hehe.

Do you have advice for first timers?

If you’re getting your first tattoo please, please eat beforehand drink lots of water and bring water with you to your appointment. Get some sleep before you come in.

Also please wear shorts or be able to roll up your pants if you’re getting a leg piece done. (:

What makes Diego Tattoo Studio the best tattoo shop in San Diego?

It’s only my first week at Diego tattoo but I already love how inviting everyone is and how nice the environment is. It’s a very stress-free environment. It’s a good creative space for me and inspires me with my art.

How do we find you on social media?

IG – @pastelxtattooer

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