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Contact Me for Walk-Ins!

Diego Tattoo is happy to accommodate tattoos on a walk-in and appointment basis. Walk-ins are typically small tattoos (under 5 inches) that can be drawn and completed on the spot. Larger pieces such as half-sleeves, back pieces, etc require far more preparation and therefore an appointment.

Again – please call ahead to see if a walk-in is best for your tattoo idea. Contact Diego Tattoos @ 619-246-5226

A man with a pineapple tattoo on his arm walks into a bathroom. That’s not the start of a joke, it’s the start of Justin Pelletier’s lifelong interest in tattoos. Justin got ink-fever when he was three years old, and he’s been hooked ever since. You can tell Justin is a lifelong student of the tattoo art by looking at his portfolio.

As a tattoo artist, Justin is constantly working on his aesthetic and adapting to different styles. He loves working on larger pieces, but at the end of the day he just wants to make the best tattoos in San Diego. Whatever style, whatever design, if you have an idea for a tattoo, get in touch with Justin Pelletier and get a piece you’ll love forever.

If you don’t live in San Diego and want Justin to bring your idea to life, reach out through Instagram to talk about your tattoo design. You can also submit a request for consult below and Justin will get back to you shortly.

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Get to Know Justin:

What made you want to be a tattoo artist?

I was three years old in the bathroom of the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses. There was a man looking in the mirror. He had a tattoo of a pineapple on his arm. I’ve been hooked ever since.

What’s your background?

I started out at Blackcat Tattoo, cleaning, talking to customers, that kind of stuff. Then I was offered an apprenticeship. I was an apprentice for two years and earned my title as an artist with my blood, sweat, and tears.

What styles do you specialize in or prefer to work on?

I love working on larger pieces, as well as doing drawn-on tattoos. But I’m continually growing and adapting to changing styles, tastes and preferences. I want to be the best tattoo artist I can possibly be.

Are there any requests that you turn down?

I rarely turn down any tattoo unless it’s something I feel is going to be detrimental to my client or my career.

How do you work with your clients?

Typically, I have a brief consultation, either in-person or through email or social media. I like to get a general vibe of what you’re looking for. If you can’t make it into the shop, I’ll have you send a reference photo and location of the tattoo. After I get your deposit, I’ll get started on the drawing and have it ready for you on the day of your appointment. Any changes are done on the day of the appointment.

Who is your ideal client?

I don’t have a preferred client. I treat everyone with respect and do my best to fit everyone’s individual needs.

Do you have advice for first timers?

Be prepared. Bring water and eat before you get tattooed. And dress accordingly for the area where you’re being tattooed. Also important: have an open mind and have fun.

What makes Diego Tattoo Studio the best tattoo shop in San Diego?

Diego Tattoo is an eclectic mix of really great tattoo artists enjoying life and sharing that vibe with everybody that walks through the door.

How do we connect with you online?

IG – @justincasetattoo

Email – dancelion84@gmail.com

Shop Justin’s Art – justincasetattoo.bigcartel.com