Artist Mia Morbid

The best horror movies, like the best tattoos, are the ones that capture your attention and your imagination. Mia Morbid exists at the intersection where these two weird, wonderful, and beautiful worlds collide.

She is one of the best horror-themed tattoo artists in San Diego. Horror tattoos fall under the stylistic umbrella of “realism,” and that’s exactly where Mia’s artistic talents shine. If you’re looking for something more traditional or along the lines of mandala or henna tattoos, Mia recommends checking out some of the other amazing artists at Diego Tattoo. Otherwise, if it’s realism you’re into (the spookier the better) say hello to your new favorite artist.

Mia wants her clients to have a great experience and a really good time. That’s the story of Diego Tattoo Gallery, and it’s why Mia’s clients come back to her time and time again.

Interested in working with Mia? Submit a request for consult below or connect with Mia on her webpage to talk about your tattoo ideas.

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Get to Know Mia:

What made you want to be a tattoo artist?

 Growing up, I knew when I was 7 years old i wanted to become a tattoo artist. I would walk around with a pen and a “flash book” and “tattoo” my friends and family. It was my favorite thing to do!

What’s your background?

I grew up in a Chicano household. My dad was a graffiti artist at the time and my grandfather (Armando Nunez) is one of the founders of Chicano Park, and to this day still does artwork for Chicano park. Although i don’t talk much about my background, I’m incredibly proud to say I was raised with art all around me and never discouraged to draw, paint, or sculpt. 

In 2015 I graduated high school. Soon after went to college and dropped out  to pursue my dreams of becoming a tattoo artist, and soon after found an apprenticeship. That is where I was taught all the basics of sanitation, lining, and shading. After that I learned to do portraits all on my own.

What styles do you specialize in or prefer to work on?

Black and grey realism & dot work

What are your goals as a tattoo artist?

My tattoo goals are to do full back pieces or even body suits one day! I love working on faces, whether they are animals or people, so i would definitely love to do more of those.

Are there any requests that you turn down?

Yes absolutely, I won’t do finger portrait tattoos, lettering, tribal, color, or genital area tattoos. I will refuse anything that is racist.

How do you work with your clients?

I like to only communicate with clients through email. I like to go back and forth with the client to get a feel for them and dedicating that day to them. I rarely have in-person consultations.

Who is your ideal client?

I love a client who works with me and gives me creative freedom.

Do you have advice for first timers?

Do your research on the shop and artist. Eat a good filling meal before your appointment and ask for/follow after care tips.

What makes Diego Tattoo Studio the best tattoo shop in San Diego?

The unique ownership and diverse shop. I love working in an environment that welcomes all walks of life and makes everyone feel comfortable!

How do we connect with you online?

IG – @morbidink

Web – morbidinktattoos.com