Friday The 13th Tattoo Specials

With Friday the 13th just days away we are all prepared to do some spooky activities. Maybe watch a horror movie or two with some friends, go wander around some creepy abandoned places, or just sit outside and enjoy a cup of tea and read a book and listen for strange noises. But what about getting an awesome tattoo and meeting some wonderful artists? You can do that too, as Diego Tattoo Gallery will be offering Friday the 13th Tattoo Specials!

The Details:

  • Friday the 13th from 12 pm to 7 pm
  • Walk-Ins Only
  • First-Come / First-Served
  • Curated pieces available with prices ranging from $40-$140

We will only be taking walk-ins, no appointments on this particular day. It’s all on a first-come, first-serve basis. Starting at noon you are welcome to come in and put your name in for a tattoo, once your name is on the list you are welcome to come and go. You will receive a phone call 30 minutes prior to your tattoo time and if you don’t show up when your time starts, you will be skipped, and the next person will be contacted. We will close the list at 7 pm and everyone who signs in before that will have a chance to get a tattoo!

Friday the 13th tattoos have become a trend in a lot of galleries and shops across the country that mark the occasion with cheaper than usual tattoos of cute bats, bloody skulls, and Jason masks. With our particular special at Diego Tattoo Gallery, we are offering tattoos at still a very reasonable price, but that allows you to come in for a small, neat, well-placed design and an opportunity to enjoy the ambiance of the shop and meet some of our talented tattooers. It’s a great way to experience what we have to offer without settling for less than what you deserve.

With so many talented artists, there is no excuse to sell yourself – or your skin – short. You deserve to have the tattoo you want that will grace your gorgeous-self forever. You are the one that will look at it every day and hopefully, be happy with how it looks every time you see it in your reflection. Seeking out an artist that works for you is the first step of this puzzle. Go online, into local shops, or to a tattoo convention to meet and look at portfolios of different artists. See whose style most closely resembles what you want in a tattoo. There are so many options for talented artists who do incredible variations of work. Any good artist will also point you to another artist that does a style of work that they themselves do not excel at if need be.

Don’t be afraid to have discussions and ask questions.

Trusting In Your Artist

Most of all, I would urge you to remember that tattoo artists are professionals. They go through hours and hours of apprenticeships and spend a ton of time drawing and placing tattoos. They work on all types of people and bodies. ASK them their opinions on your design. Trust them on placement and on size. Trust them with input on what will look good. I promise they have been doing this a lot longer than you have. They know the way a body curves and moves. They have studied the way tattoos look on people when they walk and twist, or when they just sit and breathe, and they have spent a lot of time perfecting pieces to fit these movements. Talk about what you do with your tattoo artist. Are you a dishwasher or a chef? Do you spend a lot of time washing your hands? Maybe a hand tattoo would heal differently than you would expect and another placement would be better, or they would have better tips for healing. Talk to them about skin issues. Do you have highly sensitive or super dry skin? They know how to tattoo that as well, and the best aftercare to recommend. Having a personal relationship and camaraderie with your artist is super important, not just while you’re getting tattooed, but during the healing process too. On the note of healing; one thing I’ve heard in my circle of moderately to heavily tattooed friends is that the tattoo artist ‘convinced me’ to get it bigger when someone wanted a small tattoo. Know that this is typical because when small tattoos heal, they can look muddled and not as clean as you expect, due to the dainty size and that your artist knows best when suggesting you go up in size a couple of inches on that dime-sized rose you wanted on your ankle.

Tattoos are Living Art

They are intricate designs pushed into your flesh by steady hands who have worked years to perfect their craft. Don’t expect to pay pennies for something that takes more than just time. It takes thought, skill, and knowledge of anatomy. It takes patience, communication, and love of art. It takes planning with a client beforehand and sketching up sometimes multiple pieces until one is just right. Its sometimes-multiple appointments bent in strange positions over someone’s body trying to predict when they will twitch or cough so you can react just so. It’s following up with clients and answering questions about aftercare and being available for them through the healing process. Tattoo artist aren’t just artists (though sometimes they work in other mediums as well.) They are professionals that have so many aspects to consider when going to work each day and put in long hours to make clients happy. When choosing a tattoo, please consider working with an artist that will spend this time with you, and not only picking a piece of flash off the wall (Though sometimes that is the perfect choice). As far as Friday the 13th is considered, my preference is a long quiet walk through a graveyard with a bottle of wine, but again everyone is different and you should do whatever makes your spirit smile. Maybe this is a visit to Diego Tattoo Gallery for a chance to meet our artists, to see our beautiful shop and a lovely new piece. We are located near you right off University Ave and Highway 805 in the heart of San Diego’s North Park community.
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