Japanese Style Tattoo Art Explained

Japanese Style Tattoos

If you’re in the market for another piece and are still shopping around for the best approach and local artists, it’s time you consider Japanese style tattoos. If you didn’t know already, tattoos have varying aesthetics from American Traditional to Photo Realism and many more, but few stand the test of time as well as the Japanese style.

This blog will cover everything from where this style got its start, to some of the most reputable and recognizable names in the space, all the way to down to some of the common elements and images you may want to include in your piece. Prepare yourself to dive head first into Yakuza, Irezumi, and more! Keep in mind that Japanese Style Tattoos is a blanket term. Japanese style tattoos may come to life in traditional, modern and even some Kawaii techniques.

This is simply a starting point for anyone beginning their exploration in the Japanese Tattoo space.