Keeping the Tattoo Community Safe

Tattoos require trust. Getting tattooed is intimate and vulnerable. For this reason, trust and respect is important between clients and artists. Unfortunately, there are people who have been taken advantage of by artists through harassment, abuse, and/or assault. Just like any industry, sexism and sexual harassment affect the tattoo industry. In this blog post, we … Read moreKeeping the Tattoo Community Safe

Black and Grey Tattoos- The Modern Monochrome

Tattoos made in variants of just one color have been around since the beginning of tattooing itself. Black was the first color ever used in tattooing as it is known today. In 2015, a body was discovered in glacial ice in the Alps, covered in 61 all black tattoos. This is currently the oldest known … Read moreBlack and Grey Tattoos- The Modern Monochrome