The Coolest Tattoo Sleeves for 2020

Tattoo Sleeves for 2020


Whether you’re researching your first tattoo design or brainstorming ideas for a full sleeve, Diego Tattoo has you covered. We take getting inked pretty seriously around here. Take a look below for some fresh ideas on a half or complete sleeve in 2020. 

  1. A Tribal tattoo never goes out of style. These intricate designs are both commanding and awe-inspiring, so how could you go wrong? For the best reflection of a tribal piece, be sure to find an artist who accelerates in the area. Preview their books and pick someone whose style reflects the look you’re going for. 
  2. Religious sleeve tattoos are perfect for staying true to your faith while expressing some fresh ink on your arms. You can opt for a large cross with Bible scriptures, the Virgin Mary, an angel, or Jesus. The sky is the limit when it comes to religious tattoos, and it’s undoubtedly something you won’t regret later in life. 
  3. The ultimate compliment and gift of devotion is a portrait of a loved one on your arm. The piece can be created from a photograph of a child, celebrity, or the love of your life. Again, be sure the tattoo artist you choose for this task specializes in portraits before getting started. Capturing the essence of someone’s personality from a photo and transferring it to a permanent tattoo is tricky business. Take your time to research a reputable tattoo shop near me when making this decision. 
  4. Music lovers and musicians of all kinds can share their love of melodies with a full sleeve tattoo. From a single treble clef to a full symphony, let the song within you come out to play with these creative tattoos. Ink your favorite lyrics up your arm or show your ideal instrument, microphone, or a DJ turntable. Whether you’d prefer a tuba or a tambourine, this is an epic composition for a pitch-perfect sleeve.
  5. Watercolor Sleeve Tattoos are the perfect way of expressing your unique personality – so why not go all out with some vivacious colors? The idea for this sleeve provides the illusion that you’ve had colorful plashes painted on your skin. They can look reliable and powerful or subtle and intriguing; either way, the piece is sure to attract attention. 
  6. Nature Sleeve Tattoos are another popular option for any gender. Choose from traditional roses and flowers or add in hummingbirds or other animals. If the ocean inspires you, add in some blue waves and beach-inspired designs. With Mother Nature, the possibilities are endless. The pieces look best in bright, bold colors, or entirely in black ink. Whatever your heart desires, a sleeve tied to nature will help you find your Zen again.  
  7. Are you well-oiled and ready for action? Then a mechanical tattoo may be for you. A mixture of steampunk and traditional designs, these designs represent the past, the present, and the future. Popular options this year are vintage timepieces or something robotic. Regardless of what you choose, mechanical tattoo sleeves are some of the most badass around. 

Keep in mind Large tattoos are a long-term commitment and may take months or even years to complete. There is no way to quote the cost of the entire piece but be prepared for a monthly budget. The deposit is larger than that of small tattoos and comes off the final appointment. When you’re ready to schedule an appointment for your full or half-sleeve, let us know. You can learn about our talented artists and services by visiting https://diegotattoos.com/ or calling us at tel:619-246-5226 today. 

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